Friends asked me who had this crazy idea to cross Canada on a bicycle?  I said both of us, but in hind sight, I think Jay got me on board subliminally.  Because now that we are in full planning mode, I keep thinking, OMG who’s idea was this?


Because Canada is a great country, and we are privileged to live here.  We have bicycled on most continents, including our own, but never the whole way across!  Oh, and Jay turns 60 and this was on his bucket  list.  When I turn 60, I will think of something more exotic and less exhausting.


ASAP.  Things to do in the fall, so we will leave as soon as we think we can get over the passes without studded tires.  Hoping for April, but all the people who have done it have said June!!!


Victoria to St. John’s.  We hope to use side roads, dirt roads, and the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) I know it is renamed to The Great Trail – who’s idea was that?


What are you riding on?  We have brand new gravel bikes and we have geared them up for bike packing (a stupid biking term which means I can only bring 1 shirt, 1 pair of shorts and rain gear).  Coming soon – a video post about gear if you want more details.


How are you training for this? We are in the bulking up stage…