Has it really been 19 weeks, 1 day, and 3 hours since we last wrote? I’m mostly rehabbed from the broken pelvis. We have well used crutches and a stylish cane available for sale, cheap. My doctor and I are besties. I have enjoyed the company of 3 different physios and am still looking for one that will support my unsubstantiated theory of rehabilitation with cardio and weight training. What happened to “Moving is Medicine”?

We’ve learned a few things along this rehab journey.

For instance, when this part of your pelvis breaks, it usually breaks in more than one place. As mine did. But we didn’t find that out until week 6. We also learned that there are vastly differing views on how best to recover from a broken pelvis – some say weight bear and circulation help heal, others say do mostly nothing and still others said “Listen to your body”. I went with the “listen to your body” view mostly. But my hearing is not great. We also learned that sometimes a body doesn’t like supplements meant to speed healing.

But ultimately, and reluctantly, we learned that time is the best healer. Well, time and friends; friends dropping in for visits, teaching me bridge, jabbing my butt with needles, keeping pace with and my crutches and driving me places. I’m still careful and don’t plan on falling for 12 months, but feeling great. Could have been so much worse, but really – avoid breaking your pelvis.

First time back on a bike since, well, you know

I have now biked (on smooth pavement), cross country skied (short loop), downhill skied (my now Ski Sentry Gear Guy tracking annoyingly close behind me), hiked in Banff with girlfriends (loved having 11 moms with me), hiked in Palm Desert with girlfriends (including shopping therapy), visited my mom in Winnipeg, enjoyed Broadway shows with my Jessie, and danced (in heels) at my son’s wedding. How lucky am I? Life is returning to its wonderful “normal”. I am grateful.

At our son’s wedding we compared marriage to our bike journey, we will share it here.

  1. Everyday is fantastic, but some days are more fantastic than others.
  2. Like a long bike trip, a long marriage is two people trying to ride together –  but on two different bikes.
  3. You sometimes get lost on a bike, (especially if Jay is navigating), but at least you are lost together.
  4. Always stop in on friends and family.  They really do want to see you, and feed you, and serve you beer and wine and do your laundry and help fix your bike.
  5. Always cherish your biking partner in life but even more so if they crash and break their pelvis.

And hey, since our last blog update, we have added FIVE more bike deliveries to the JoyRide!

St. John’s Newfoundland – On account of the crash, we missed getting to St. John’s Newfoundland to meet Kai and his family, Mel, Sue, and Remi. But the bike delivery proceeded as planned with our friends from Freedom Concepts. Kai has limited head and trunk control requiring total support. His new bike allows him to move on his own – and he can teach his sister how to ride! We look forward to meeting Kai next spring in St. John’s.

Fernie, BC – Terry Fox Day was the perfect day to get on a new bike in our hometown. Lilianna and Liam participated in Terry Fox Day for the first time and completed multiple laps around the track (along with hundreds of other kids). Their smiles and energy were amazing! They even stopped the rain!

Lillianna had Jay wrapped around her finger

Minden, Ontario – Chris and Jocelyn experienced first hand the impact of a bike on a child and her family. Harper had a beautiful fall day to take her new bike for a spin. Angelman Syndome prohibits 6 year old Harper from moving independently, but she LOVES to feel the wind in her face. Thanks to Chris and Joc for making that happen.

Fredericton, NB – In our last blog we wrote about our great meeting with James over a couple of pints in Fredricton. James is amazing. And he received his custom bike this fall. Have a look.

Two of these bikes were from very generous donations. We will be donating another 5 or more bikes from your donations in the next year – yes that means a total of at least 17 bikes shared across Canada. We are overcome with gratitude for your support.

Our plan is to finish our JoyRide through PEI, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (a mere 1400 kms or so) in spring 2020. We will send you updates on those adventures and more bike giveaways as they happen. In the meantime, we wish you the very best of the holidays and health and happiness in 2020.

Deck the halls with bikes and chain lube Falalalalalalalabike Even the stockings are filled with bike tubes Falalalalalalalabike Ride a bike in snow or summer Falalalalalalalabike. Otherwise it’s just a bummer Falalalalalalalabike