Quebec, Loved it.

  • Cycle Day #66 Quebec to St Jean Port Joli – 99 kms
  • Cycle Day #67 St Jean Port Joli to Riviere du Loup – 98 kms
  • Cycle Day #68 Riviere du Loup to Rimouski – 111 kms
  • Cycle Day #69 Rimouski to Val Brillant – 111 kms
  • Cycle Day #70 Val Brillant to Campbellton New Brunswick. -118 kms

From Quebec City up the south shore of the St Lawrence. Marvellous.

In Ottawa we had lunch with Mike and Cheryl. But we forgot to take a photo. They stalked us all the way to Rimouski so we wanted to get their picture in.

Through Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Satin Aubert, Saint Louise, Saint-Philippe-de-Neri, Saint Pascal, Saint-Germain, Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, Saint Antonin all within 100kms. Seems to be a lot of saints here. Saint Luce was one of our favourite towns in the area. Touristy perhaps, but lovely homes, restaurants, and a beautiful beach.

The last stretch leaving Quebec continued to knock us out with it’s beauty!

Following la Fleuve St Laurent became seductive, watching it widen, enjoying the breeze and the beauty, so after considerable analysis we continued past two turn off points, Riviere-du-Loup and Mont Jolie to venture into the unknown of The Gaspe Peninsula. But we aborted after 20kms because of the increasing long weekend traffic. Once again our impeccable non-planning has us heading into a tourist area on a long weekend AND during Quebec’s Construction Vacances, apparently the busiest two weeks in Quebec for vacationing. So we will return to Gaspe, but perhaps in June or September.

I surmised that getting breakfast in delightful Amqui was going to be difficult when they didn’t understand my request for orange juice. REALLY? With my impeccable Frespanglish accent? In a panic they searched for anyone who could speak English – no one. We worked it out with a bit of pantomime, and everyone enjoyed correcting my mispronounciations.

Meet Ted from Colorado. Ted oozed that easy going manner required for his around the world adventure – Ireland, Europe, China, Turkey… I suspect his wife is understandingly stoic. He is carrying a lot of gear, including a drone for photos. The only drone that we would carry is one that carries us.

Jay got a look in his eyes…and stealing the foreshadowing words of Gord O, “I had a sense that while I boarded a plane home he might continue on past St John’s. By Christmas, after checking off “cycling across Canada” from my bucket list, I might muse, “I wonder what ever happened to what’s his name?”

Au Revoir Quebec. My Heart will Go On.

4 thoughts on “Quebec, Loved it.

  1. Lise Moisan gîte aux Deux Pignons

    From, Donnacona near Québec Lise et Jean ,
    nous voulons des nouvelles
    Comment allez vous
    Debby est correct et vous aussi.
    You are lovely peaple


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