The world needs more Canada and Olivia

Arrived in our nation’s capital for a few days. What a wonderful city – brimming with powerful monuments, historical statues and amazing museums.

We saw some sites including the changing of the Guard (very cool, made us feel patriotic), the night lights at Parliament Hill (also cool) and Justin busking on the lawn (not true but wouldn’t that have been hilarious?).

Pomp and ceremony at its best. Not sure their attire was best suited for the 35 degree heat.

We visited cousins Gord and Lizanne and were treated to a delicious home cooked Quebecois dinner. Caught up and laughed with Aunt Myrtle and her clan. Lunch with our friends Cheryl, Mike and Beer was a fantastic way to spend a hot afternoon. We will return to Ottawa for all the museums.

Our sixth bike was given to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Children’s Treatment Center. The bike will stay in the facility for all patients to use. Lovely Olivia and her dad came in to show us how well the bike worked. We were so happy to have Gabrielle from Freedom Concepts join us for the presentation as well.

Olivia is 8, had spine surgery 3 months ago in Toronto to improve her movement, affected by Cerebral Palsy. She will continue her rehab at the CHEO Children’s Treatment Center, which is close to home. Olivia is amazing – chatty, energetic, full of smiles and VERY determined. Olivia is a speedster. Sandy, the physiotherapist, kept reminding Olivia to use the brake when she peddled that fast. And when Olivia high fives you, she swings back and just about takes off your arm! Ride on Olivia!

What a way to end our visit.

5 thoughts on “The world needs more Canada and Olivia

  1. Laurie Cote

    Another province, another bike! So much fun to read about your journey. You guys are looking tanned and fit. Keep enjoying. Ride on!!!


  2. Judy Kutney

    Absolutely loving your posts…amazing sense of humour. You both write so well. You are looking so healthy and strong!! What a wonderful gift you are giving to so many people in so many different ways. RIDE ON KIDS!!!!


  3. Gord Otto

    Comparing first photo to last, you really got there early for that light show…
    … likely there was a tractor on that spot parked by agricultural protesters that Jay contentedly sat upon…

    From Ottawa you leave the frontier behind, and journey ahead through longer-settled culture and deep roots. A region of varying language and cuisine. No doubt you will continue to be warmly received and you will joyfully embrace in return.

    And there may be fewer bugs.

    We await your excellent reports.


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