Join the Joy Ride

We are celebrating passing the 1/2 way point! Thanks for joining us on our adventures so far. Our journey has already been so much more than we could have hoped for.

When we decided to give away 10 special needs bikes as part of our adventure, our goal was to get bikes to people who might not otherwise be able to enjoy the independence, exercise and joy that we take for granted on a bike. We had no idea what remarkable people we would meet and how they would have such a wonderful life long impact on us.

We have had many friends and family ask how they can help our cause and we are humbled and honoured by their support and encouragement.

If you would like to help donate a bike to a special needs person, we have set up a link below for the Calgary Foundation. With the help of the Freedom Concepts team and local charities, we will direct any donated funds towards a special needs bike in Canada. The first bike we will put donated funds towards is for a grade 2 student in our home town of Fernie BC.

The Calgary Foundation will accept the funds by credit card on line and will provide a tax receipt for any donation over $25. If you select “Send an e-card”, we will get notified of your donation and we would have the opportunity to thank you. Otherwise, all donations are confidential.

If you prefer, you may also write a cheque to The Calgary Foundation with “Jay and Deb’s Joy Ride” written on your cheque and mail it to:

The Calgary Foundation. 1180 – 105 12 Avenue SE. Calgary AB. T2G 1A1

All these details can also be found on our blog:

Thank you all again for your support and encouragement. We will share details about any bikes we will be able to fund with your generosity.

4 thoughts on “Join the Joy Ride

  1. Patti

    Thank you! And thanks for my entertaining summer read. I look forward to seeing these updates in my inbox 😀. What’s the winter adventure going to be so I can keep living vicariously through your adventures??


  2. Steve Kloepzig

    I am stoked for you guys! I hope the weather warms and that you have a great ride. It’s very cool how you two are always thinking of and helping others! Nadia sends her love.


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