Chayse lives in a small town, and loves to be outside. He has been diagnosed with down syndrome and autism. We met his OT Ange and his PT Kirsten who both travel to see him regularly. Ang and Kirsten are two of the many amazing people who work at the George Jeffrey Children’s Center in Thunder Bay. Jay and I toured the facility with CEO Tina and were in awe of the work they do with children. We continue to be humbled by the people who share their energy, patience, skill and love so easily.

Chayse has had some previous practice on a Freedom Concepts bicycle, but he now has one to take to his home and use in his neighborhood.

Chayse – his family, staff at the George Jeffrey Center and us!

Thunder Bay News even came by and highlighted Chayse and the George Jeffrey Center.

From the wall of the George Jeffrey Children’s Center:

There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.

11 thoughts on “Chayse

  1. Congratulations on your wonderful initiative. It does my heart good to see two people spreading such good will across our country. Best wishes for beautiful summer weather and continued support on your journey.


  2. Lynda Moffatt

    Jay and Deb
    It was such a pleasure meeting both of you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this special gift. Chayse loves his bike. We’ve been going for a bike ride every day after school . I will continue following your journey to Newfoundland. 😊


  3. Douglas Fraser

    It’s heartwarming to me to see what you guys are doing for people who need this kind of help. I’m so impressed with the work you are doing!

    Thank you for your work and your kindness!


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  4. Jennifer Heath

    Hi Deb and Jay: We are enjoying your travel stories immensely. Actually, our favourite part is your ‘joyous full-on radiant smiles’ in all the pictures you have posted. A pretty special journey! Go well, Jenn

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  5. Gord Otto

    Are you there yet?…

    Wawa! Woohoo! Well done!

    Wawa is like Wednesday… over the hump.

    I’m so glad you’re doing this. It’s really fun to watch. Great camera work and storytelling…
    … kind of Corner Gas meets The Littlest Hobo.



  6. Judith Gauthier

    Chayse was such a happy boy ,when he got his bike. Thank you for all you’re doing ,To help those children who need special care & bring happiness into their lives .


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