Moose Jaw saw a few, Moosomin too, Running back to Saskatoon. Sing another (final) prairie tune.

Cycle day 31. Transcona to Elma 93kms

Cycle day 32. Elma to West Hawk lake 72 kms

The title doesn’t make sense to most of us, but Jay insisted we cannot leave Manitoba without showing reverence to the Guess Who. No Sugar Tonight would have been more appropriate in my view.

We left Winnipeg from Transcona, observing some significant upscaling of Jay’s birthplace – beautiful bike paths, A&W and Freshiis! Our splendid sunshiny day included The Great Canadian Breakfast (#7 on this trip), lunch to go at Freshis, a visit with Mom Zammit, and 90 kms to Moon Gate Guest House, near Elma.

Everyone in Winnipeg should do this day – including visiting Mom Zammit! Whether you ride a bike or drive a car, this is a perfect day. Moon Gate has concerts and soon to have a bakery and pizza night every Friday and Saturday. This alone is going to be worth the trip. Make a weekend of it, you can even fish for pickerel in the river and sleep in instead of doing yoga.

Jenny and Michele are amazing, and Michele will even help straighten your bent bike rack if your wife happened to ride over you after you skid out on an unfinished section of new pavement (the only not-so-perfect part of our day). We were so lucky with this crash – I skilfully managed to navigate between Jay’s derailer and his ankle, bikes are working fine, no broken bones and Michele had every tool possible to help fix the bent rack. New one on order. Back on the road with just a bit of road rash!

When we stopped in the cute towns we passed through, many folks stopped to chat and wish us well. We continue to meet amazing people everywhere. I would have liked to meet the person who wrote the town welcome sign to Rennie. Almost looks like something Gord O. would have done…

As we head further, we find ourselves in unending boreal forest and lake country flanked in Canadian Shield. A beautiful ride on quiet Highway 44 to Westhawk Lake escorted by the Manitoba Air Force of harmless but intimidatingly large flies of some sort. We felt like Charlie Brown’s buddy Pig Pen as we rode.

Tomorrow we duck into the indomitable Province of Ontario. We will be in and out of service, but will check in when we can. We estimate 25 days of riding and 12 days of stopping in Ontario – seems like a good ratio to me – it’s all about the stopping.

12 thoughts on “Moose Jaw saw a few, Moosomin too, Running back to Saskatoon. Sing another (final) prairie tune.

  1. Rod Maxwell

    I just love your blog! You make me laugh as picture you and Jay in the experiences that your word describe. Seriously, you should write a book! Laughed out load at the reference to the Guess Who’s song no sugar tonight and the reference to the Manitoba Air Force. I am just a wee bit jealous to not be participating in this experience of a life time. Great to see the picture of Mama Zammit. Never imagined she would be shorter than Jay! Keep rolling and stay safe on the roads.


  2. Linda Malcolmson

    Your posts are not only inspiring but hilarious! We are following your progress as we always do either sitting in a chair, or on the dock with a coffee or a cocktail in our hands. You two rock! Take care.


  3. Sue

    Can’t believe you are already in Ontario. Realize the province is ‘daunting’. What great experiences you are having – love reading your blog!


  4. Brad Gunn

    Just checking in and VERY happy to see you’re so far unscathed, at least physically 😉 ! Your trip is extremely inspirational and so proud to see you guys doing it. Love the photo with your mom, Jay, she must have loved to see you guys. Keep on keeping on going!!


  5. Gord Otto

    Jay’s come a ways from his early years riding his Big Wheel around that city! (One less wheel, for example… but still a tendency to skid to a stop unfortunately…)
    Gonna miss the pictures of gravel, pumpjacks and open plains… but I suppose there’s some scenery yet before Toronto starts… may the winds be in your favour, and the bugs occupied elsewhere.


  6. Merrilee

    Love your stories guys!!! Thoroughly enjoyed all your Transcona/Manitoba references. Keep up the good ride and hope that the wind will be at your back!


  7. jenfkoury

    love the pics…….Westhawk Lake my first overnight camping trip when I was 16! Funny……also I totally get the Guess Who reference! Enjoy……what a fantastic adventure you two!


  8. Jodi Zammit

    Great pictures of Transcona! And of Mom! She didn’t tell me about this!! Oh well lol
    I still live here and I still haven’t been on that trail I have to do that soon
    Happy trails


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