Enjoyed family and friend time while regrouping in Winnipeg. Our sweet daughter shocked us by flying there to meet us.

Milo was the recipient of the Freedom Concept bike in Winnipeg. There is no more adorable 2 1/2 year old than Milo.

Ken and Freedom Concepts hosted a barbecue event for family and friends where we met Milo and some of his “village”. Parents Peter and Erin, grandparents Richard and Luna, and physio Heather were all there cheering Milo on. Chris and Steve from Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation who were instrumental in making this happen for Milo, were also there.

This bike will help Milo use his left side which was affected by a stroke before he was born. He was already holding on with both hands and his left leg was working along with his right as he made the bike move on his own. Milo made everyone’s day. He is a happy, determined young guy. This was a perfect day with Milo and his family, Ken and the Freedom team and our friends and family.

We have added a link to the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba to our blog where anyone may donate towards building additional bikes for special needs people in Manitoba. We do anticipate adding links for other provinces, but that is still work in progress. If you would like to contribute to additional bikes for Manitoba, please go to our blog at and click “Want to Help?” in the menu. This has been more complicated than we ever could have imagined, and we greatly appreciate the help Freedom Concepts and Steve have given us to make this a reality. Our little Joy Ride is growing.

An unforeseen consequence of adding this link, is it has morphed us into media hounds!!! We did 2 radio spots and 2 TV spots while in Winnipeg!

We got our bikes overhauled at the incomparable Woodcock Cycle Works where we bought them last year. Not only do they have the best service, product lines and on floor experience (check out their road rash and broken limbs), but their espresso bar is worthy of a stop even if you don’t ride a bike.

7 thoughts on “Milo

  1. Jane Stevens

    This is awesome Jay and Deb. I was driving Fernie to Calgary looking at the scenery and thinking of your ride and up pops your new post. Had to pull over and read it. Milo is a lucky kid – ride on. Viajes seguros!


  2. lindahunterr

    What an amazing journey, and you guys are making such a difference for individuals like Milo. He looks thrilled! Would love to watch or listen to your rock star broadcasts, so let us know if they are available via a link. Loved your stories on you way across Sask and so happy that guy opened his restaurant for you; have been wondering if you are getting enough food! Maybe some air drops thru Ontario?
    You are both looking fit and fabulous!


  3. Judy Kutney

    Can you believe how many lives you have touched already on this incredible journey?!?!
    Loving your recaps; thanks so much for sharing.


  4. Marianne and *@

    What a little sweetheart Milo is!
    Love the shot of you two media hounds. You will be on the national news soon!
    So great that Jess could come out to meet you in Winnipeg.
    We are loving your blog, you two are amazing!
    Keep on trucking!


  5. Terry, Abe and Fynn Wiebe

    So good to meet you both at West Hawk Lake. We trust Jay caught some pickerel since you never came back for supper…lol. So proud of you both as you ride across Canada and the way in which you are blessing others…you are an inspiration to us all!🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️


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