Four Strong Winds…

Cycle day 25 Assiniboia to Weyburn 166 kms

Cycle day 26 Weyburn to Redvers 170 kms

Cycle day 27 Redvers to Souris 113 kms

Cycle day 28 Souris to Glenboro. 85.9 kms

Cycle day 29 Glenboro to Treherne 48.6 kms

Cycle day 30 Treherne to Winnipeg 120 kms. —End of Leg 2! — Butt Break!

Map and elevation kind of look like this:


Tail winds blew so we rode!!! My first (and second) century ride. The riding was almost effortless at times for these 2 days, with a perfectly blowing west wind and a perfectly straight road.

And then, like for all the Canadian hockey teams, it was over. We woke up back to NE, SE but mostly East winds – ranging from 24 – 54 kmph.

Highway 13 from Saskatchewan turns into Highway 2 in Manitoba – but here there is no paved shoulder like most Manitoba highways, not even enough room to paint the white line. This means watching behind and in front of you ALL the time then checking the opposite direction and if there were two cars going to meet anywhere close to you then you had to drop into the loose quicksand like gravel shoulder and hang on.

Found some great back roads to get a break from the highway!

Winnipeg did not go down easily – We stopped 4 times to take cover from storms, (how many breakfasts can you have before it is excessive?) and we fought winds gusting up to 54kmph the entire day. So much for the forecasted SW that were to blow us into the city. Not even Bike Butt Balm will help tonight!

Highlights travelling through eastern Saskatchewan and Western Manitoba were the people, the town icons and the restaurants in tucked away spots. We have eaten at 4 of “The Best Smorgasbord in Southern Saskatchewan”, several “All you can eat Buffets” with the unprinted small print “or until we run out”, and we have listened in on local conversations in every town about the need for rain.

We met the husband and wife team and new owners of Stoughton Happy Foodies appropriately located in Stoughton. They have lived here for 3 months since leaving Kelowna and bought this restaurant where they work seemingly tirelessly, producing delicious food for a small audience.

We met Michael in Carlyle who is the proud owner of the ingeniously named Michael’s Coffee Shop and Bakery. A fun, lively place with a great menu and quality food. Here we were given the challenge of finding a westward cyclist and giving them a gift card to come for lunch.

Another highlight was Optimist Eatery and Cafe in Redvers. We were gazing into the window at Optimist when Matt came out and asked us inside. Now this was especially kind given he was not open, and by not open I mean the grand opening is this weekend. We had just walked into town from our hotel (at least a kilometer uphill both ways) to have a cold beer and dinner, and the beer store was closed and the only listed restaurant should have been, well, condemned. But Matt saved the day, poured us a cold beer AND made us two of the most delicious pizzas – EVER. Go to Redvers, stop at The Optimist.

Jeremy, Stephanie and Matt

Thanks for the scenery, sunshine and snacks Saskatchewan. We hope it rains for you now that we are headed into Manitoba!

Town icons are always fun to see and learn about. Of course Souris has the longest swinging bridge in Canada, but many people do not know about the rogue peacocks. After escaping from a long ago closed Exotic Bird Sanctuary (!) about 50 of them now screech and strut about all over town. Apparently there is a peacock round up each fall and the birds are kept in a donated barn and cared for by the locals in the winter, then released again every spring.

Souris Shrubbery

I get the windmill in Holland, even though according to the extravagant plaque mounted on a rock on a random corner out of town, the town is named after Arthur Charles and Elisabeth Mary Holland, and I showed dutiful interest in the fetching glass buildings in Treherne, but Sara the 17 foot 2000 pound camel is a bit of a stretch for Glenboro. I bet that was an interesting town council meeting…”yeah, not JUST a camel, a HUGE camel. And let’s call her Sara”

On this same random road out of town we met our Character of the Week, Bob. Bob is a retired local farmer, still flys his own plane, invests in the stock market, goes for regular therapy drives in his F150 and cheerfully stops to chat to random cyclists on back country roads.  We learned some history of the area AND got two stock tips. 

Guess which direction is east.

In Winnipeg for a Butt Break and family time – exactly (!) 33% of the way. So Winnipeg is not the center of Canada after all – at least not geographically. Darn.

Thank you for all your comments, we love reading them.

11 thoughts on “Four Strong Winds…

  1. Robert Sanderson

    Actually Sarah represents the Manitoba desert which is 10 minutes or less north of the town. Always a reason for these statues!

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Merrilee

    Can’t wait to see you guys on Friday at Freedom Concepts for bike giveaway!!! So proud of you and get ready for a big hugs and smooches!!!!!!👍👏👏👏😘


  3. Lana Webster

    What an adventure… I actually thought you were talking about a REAL camel. I can’t believe the luck, with the people you’re meeting. I believe there’s good in everyone everywhere. Good to hear you’re taking a butt break. It’s amazing how many miles you’ve clocked on this leg. As they say in Manitoba,…. keep on truckin!!!


  4. Greg Radway

    You two are an inspiration; such wit, such endurance! Shelley and I start our less ambitious Danube River (Germany to Romania) bike ride next week.


  5. Gord Otto

    I have concluded that the absolute hands-down best way to cycle across Canada… is vicariously. (The only hardship to endure being the periods between your online posts delightfully featuring gravel roads, prairie cuisine and Jay’s wind-petrified-goofy-grin.) Congrats on making it “back home” to Manitoba. Enjoy your break.
    P.S. Peacocks? Camels? You sure you’re crossing Canada?…


  6. Janet Kuijt

    WOW!! Sure if fast is someone else is doing the bike adventure – haha!!
    LOVE your pics and stories 🙂
    If you need a stop after Fort Frances/ before Thunder Bay – remember to give my father a call!
    I’ll text you his number – he lives full time at Lake Shebanewan on Castor Island.

    xoxo you two continue to inspire!! Janet K


  7. Jodi Zammit

    This sounds like a nice ride Friendly people , great view (endless land I love it!!) Farm life which I also love!! Bet it was nice to see the Manitoba sign Ahhhh……..home
    Well rest up and hopefully rest of trip won’t be so windy , well at least not against it


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