The Michael Show on CTV

Cycle Day 23 Shaunavon to Pontiex – 80 kms 420 vertical meters

Cycle Day 24. Ponteix to Assiniboia 117 kms 423 vertical meters

No cycle day!!! Radville SK

The last couple of days were spent trying to get to Radville, Saskatchewan, our next bike campaign event.  We are now off gravel and on the pavement of Hwy 13, which stretches all the way to Manitoba (even we can navigate that!). The road is flanked by beautiful prairie scenery (no, really) and more deer, antelope, cows, coyotes and friendly horses than people. 

With continuing head winds at 27 kph gusting to 45 kph we worked hard to get an 80 km day from Shaunavon to Ponteix and another 115 km from Ponteix to Assiniboia.  Tracey at the local GMC dealer in Assiniboia rented (more of a service than a business) us a vehicle to drive to Radville today to make our event. 

And what an event it was.  Nothing could have prepared us for the Michael Show!  Michael took charge right from the start, touring us around the cheery town of Radville on his new bike!  

He proudly promoted his own newspaper to us, The Radville Comet. We received a copy free, but the normal charge is 5 cents. The paper has been around “for a couple of days”, and Michael will deliver if you live locally. An e-paper is in the works and I’m sure you can get a discount if you subscribe for a year! First edition is attached here for free with Michael’s permission.

CTV Regina even showed up thanks to Steve and was captivated by Michael. Articulate, focused and not at all camera shy, Michael gave his newspaper sales pitch to CTV! Check out the piece here:

(Or if the link doesn’t work, go to CTV Regina and look for Radville Boy’s Dreams come true.)

Michael and his mom Teresa. We unfortunately could not get to Radville before Michael’s dad had to be out of town for work. He was missed. Many of Michaels relatives were in attendance as was Michael’s grade 4 Teacher.
Michael plans to ride his bike tomorrow in his school’s Bully Free Me Walk

This was a humbling, heartwarming and fantastic day. Thank you Michael. Thank Town of Radville. Thank you CTV. Thanks also to the Cafe across the street that treated us to the most awesome butter tarts. Like Michael, tomorrow we ride.

20 thoughts on “The Michael Show on CTV

  1. John Flintoft

    I worked on a rail gang through Shaunavon, Ponteix, etc. during university. I don’t think the line is there anymore! You may have travelled near Flintoft SK named after my grandfather. I don’t think it’s more than 6 people now. Southwest of Assiniboia! Enjoying your blog.! FYI we met on Salt Spring with the Mulherin’s.


    1. MA and Gary

      What a little sweetheart! He will love having that gorgeous bike to deliver his newspapers. Looks like it was a beauty of a sunny day there. Hope the sun shines on your travels and the wind is at your back today. 😎


    1. Heather

      Hey sis
      So awesome about Michael ‘s bike!
      You are making dreams come true! So bursting proud of you and Jay! Xoxoxoxo


  2. Sandy

    Oh the people you meet….what an inspiring boy Micheal is!! And I am so proud to call you guys my friends! Can’t wait to continue to travel with you on “Jay and Debbies’ excellent adventure”!xoxo


  3. Leila Wiebe

    What a wonderful story ! That was a great piece by CTV on the two of you, Freedom Concepts and Michael! Love it 💕
    Keep taking your fabulous photos of beautiful Saskatchewan!


  4. Gord Otto

    Neither gravel nor headwinds nor tractors to sit on shall keep you from your appointed rounds. Wonderful gift. Keep up your good work.


  5. Dan

    A fantastic and inspiring video of you and Michael! Way to go Jay and Deb! You are almost halfway there! (And it’s flat…) 😉


  6. Jenny

    So cool! Hope it’s okay I shared the CTV clip on Facebook. It’s a nice story for a change and more people should know what your doing. Happy riding!


  7. Dean

    Love it!

    Very Heartwarming. You two should be very proud as we are following your adventure.

    Oh, and by the way…..”Enjoy The Ride”


  8. Annica

    What an amazing journey! So excited for Michael! Ride on!
    I am sure it will allways feel like a head wind, but that is better then going ”down hill”


  9. lindahunterr

    Wow, you guys are so inspirational! Am following you now from Mallorca and when the hills get the best of me, I just think of the tough days you have had. I
    gave Alfonso a hug for you and also passed along this blog so he can follow you too. 🤗


  10. Jane Stevens

    Such a great plan you have and a wonderful video – ride on. Get those Westerlies at your backs don’t they know the good you’re doing!


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