Wild Rose Country Province #2

If a smoke detector is expired, what are the odds of it starting it’s annoying chirping on the morning you plan an early departure? On the bright side, Jessie joined us to start our next leg at a time much more appealing to her.

Cycle Day #16. Fernie to Coleman 76 kms 1100 vertical meters

Just for perspective, that little elevation blip at the very beginning is Fernie Ski Hill.

Underestimated today with 1100 meters climbing to our highest elevation of over 5500 feet! (more impressive than 1693 meters) over the Continental Divide. Wouldn’t have been so bad if we hadn’t gotten bogged down in a short bit of impressively effective concrete gunk. Fortunately, the knee deep snow that followed cleaned off the tires enough to allow them to roll again.

The creek chased us for most of the day and we loved its raucous spring run and seeing the direction of flow change after we crossed the Divide. Now I know people who live in glass houses (or wood in this case) shouldn’t throw stones, but the devastation left by recent and older logging along this entire road is disheartening and frankly quite appalling. Glad we did Coal Creek Road to Corbin Road, but we won’t repeat it any time soon.

Left BC with over 1200 kms and 13,000 vertical meters

9 thoughts on “Wild Rose Country Province #2

    1. Cindy

      Awesome to follow along on your journey!!! Great work Zammits!! Looks so fun…. even the challenges are amusing!! Keep safe, enjoy the ride and the scenery!!!!


  1. Cathy Macdonald

    Loving the trip posts, so inspiring, and entertaining! Have always wondered what the back road to Corbin would be like to ride, may postpone until dryer hotter days.
    Enjoy the next Province, should be all downhill to Saskatchewan 😳


  2. Gord Otto

    Possibly it’s just where you’re pointing the camera, but there don’t appear to be a great many others cycling these routes. They are missing out on great fun. Now, where did I put my bike…


  3. M and G

    You did get a late start that day!
    Do you have a daily count yet on how many surfaces you ride on per day?
    Pavement, gravel, snow, mud,, mud , mud ….
    Hoping for smooth prairie grasslands for you soon.


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