A week of R&R

How lucky we are to live in a place we love so much. The people, the scenery, the activities make our home of Fernie a refuge for tired minds, bodies and butts. We enjoyed splendid dinners and walks with friends and family, and Mother’s Day with my Jessie.

During our break we had the privilege of meeting a marvelous group of inspiring women running Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families in Calgary. Their charity is dedicated to supporting children and families affected by cerebral palsy. Their work includes guest speakers, summer camps, social work and especially dear to us – an adaptive bike program. Their staff adapt bikes to suit the individual and seek funding for individuals who need especially adapted bikes. It works like a library – when you are done or it no longer fits, you bring it back and get a new one – all for a nominal annual fee. Brilliant.

Braxton is the most adorable boy and was in need of a very specialized bike, one that Freedom Concepts designed for him. The bike is adjustable, so it will hopefully last Braxton 5 years, then it will come back to the bike exchange program, and someone else will get to ride it. Braxton is almost 6 and was thrilled to be able to have his own bike so he can ride with his two younger siblings. This bike will let him get out to his favourite spots to listen to the frogs. His mother Tara is certain their first family bike adventure will happen soon with the spring weather finally upon Calgary.

Braxton and his mom Tara
Joy Ride

8 thoughts on “A week of R&R

  1. Sandy

    Deb and Jay..words escape me….but you both inspire me and I am so proud to call you my friends! Truely amazing human beings! xoxo


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