9 thoughts on “Gear by the Gear Guy

  1. Good going! Exciting to read about your trip!
    I agree with Heather. Sunscreen, first aid kit and bug spray. Especially for when you get to Ontario!!! I even wore a bug suit from MEC. Super light to carry. Charlie never wore his top but I wore the full suit for days!
    Don’t rest too long. You have a country to pedal across!
    Interested in what those orange locks are…


  2. Scott McLeod

    Hey Deb and Jay – very cool technical stuff – well done Jay – can hardly wait to see what Uncle Barry posts about your Gear Guy. Glad you guys got some time back in Fernie – and on the road again… safe travels!



  3. Kevin.

    I have a question for the Gear Guy. Will you be answering questions from your adoring fans, just like Red Green did? If so, which bag is the Duct Tape in?


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