May the wind be always at your back.

DAY 7 78 KMS 466 M

DAY 8 46 KMS 650 M

Day 9 86 KMS. 1441 M


Best seniors pick up line, overheard at A&W as we enjoyed The Great Canadian Breakfast: “Why don’t you come sit here with me, I need a hearing aid, but I can still hear a bit, so why don’t you join me?”

Final decision made on Kettle Valley – went south instead, found an amazing backroad, The Old Hedley Road, took 14 videos of sky or bike spokes before I got this that gives just a taste of this amazing road!

The Old Hedley Road – ps not sure if this is working, hoping it is lack of bandwidth here…

Day 7. Downhill with a tail wind on a great back road. Stopped in Keremeos at the charming Secret Garden Cafe, where we chatted with Toy and Toon from Thailand. Stop here if you ever travel through.

Toon and Toy

Stayed at Crowsnest Winery in Cawston for 4 star dinner with just the right amount of their own wine. We joined Cheryl and Blair from Similkameen Apiaries for conversation and “just one more”. Learned a tiny bit about the complicated business of beekeeping and pollinating. If Steve K and Dave S were there, we would still be talking about queens, pollination and other bee stuff. At the next table was Sue from my Thursday ski lesson in Fernie. Small world. Cheryl and Blair chased us down in their truck (not that hard to do) the next morning to deliver some of their finest honey! Okay, actually they left us a jar of honey at their farm so we could pick it up in the morning, but we couldn’t find the honey so we left a note. Okay, so we actually left the note in the neighbour’s yard after wandering around there looking for honey. Jay would love to blame this on Garmin, but this time he had a paper map.

Anyways, we loved our brief meet up and hope our paths will cross again soon. Love the honey. We’re eating it by the spoonful as suggested by Cheryl, Can’t believe we didn’t get a pic of you both.

Some delicious unoaked Chardonnay and Cuvée 8. Sorry mom, no Pinot.

Day 8 Short day to Osoyoos. The Similkaleen Valley is spectacular with river, orchards and mountains. Wondering if the Similkaleen River is navigable in a canoe following Mike and Terese’ wisely chosen path…

Day 9. Early start (for us) as we tackled the 29 km 1233 meter Anarchist Pass out of Osoyoos and enjoyed the well earned downhill into Rock Creek for lunch. A delicious and unexpected treat especially appreciated as it had become quite cold. There was light snow on the ground. Tried for Grand Forks but ended our day in the megalopolis of Greenwood. After climbing another 300 meters on the very sandy and very slow Kettle Valley Trail, it was apparent the Evening Star was home for the night. Friendly and helpful JP was delightful, and the room is clean – if you ever find yourself stuck in Greenwood with no vehicle to take you anywhere else, this is the premium option.

Left the Similkaleen trees, rivers and mountains behind for more pasture and rolling hills of the West Kootenay.

Our weather has been great, cold mornings and evenings, but we manage that by turning the thermostat up in our hotel rooms. We have had mostly tailwinds, until later each day when I am getting tired, then it switches to a head wind, and I quietly tuck in behind Jay to draft and grumble. We seem to have snow behind us and ahead of us, let’s hope it stays that way.

We have decided that this adventure has become our own Backroads Guided Cycle trip (except they would have driven us out of Greenwood) so we bought M&M peanuts today – the standard snack. As the lead Backroads Guide, I am thinking to ditch the tent, sleeping bags and stove for my hair straightener.

4 thoughts on “May the wind be always at your back.

  1. heather

    Crazy over the moon awesome! Love your writing! Love the way you are embracing the adventure… esp the people and the signs and honey of course. M and M’s really? what happened to all that nutrition stuff? And Deb it is time to accept your beautiful golden curls! Throw out the straightener and embrace your natural beauty that we all envy or at least me. xoxoxoxox Stay warm.


  2. Jessie

    I also support the M&M’s. I wouldn’t have even made it off the island without some of those. Would have had to get me another dog just to continue and make it up some of those mountain passes ha. Missing you lots but love reading about your progress and hoping to meet you in Fernie!


  3. Lana Webster

    You’re heading to one of my fave places, Christina Lake soon, so if you want some restaurant, coffee shop or motel hints let me know… otherwise I hope the TCT is nice to you. It’s a bit bumpy but a beautiful view up to Paulson. Enjoy!!


  4. Jay! Deb! I’m so excited to read about your epic adventure across Canada. I can see by your wall-to-wall grin, Jay, that this is even more fun than you imagined!!!! Oh, it just makes me want to jump back on my bike and do it again!! The freedom!! The beauty of a whole uncharted day ahead full of surprises! The goodness of the people you meet who go out of their way to help you. Enjoy! Enjoy!! It’s the most amazing experience! I look forward to reading all about it!!
    Wendy Hunter (hygienist)


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