Progress eastward…then not.

Cycling day 2. Salt Spring to White Rock. 70 kms

Cycling day 3. White Rock to Abbotsford. 45 kms

Total to date: 187kms

Said farewell to our delightful hosts, cycled down to Fulford Ferry terminal, over to Swartz Bay and returned to the mainland.

Steve, Diana and grand nephew Gabe

After a spectacular ride along the Boundary Bay Dyke Pathway from the ferry terminal, a noisy crank (on the bike) had us pull off in WhiteRock and search for a bike store that is open on Easter Monday. Found one store open, who, after cycling 20kms to their shop told us they would not be able to look at it for 3 – 7 days. We cycled on to Abbotsford in the rain to hopefully find someone on Tuesday.

Met the loveliest couple on the bike path in Vancouver, Ray and Agnes. They called us later to see if they could help us in any way. Found wonder bike mechanic Chris at No Hype Bikes who took apart Jay’s crank and diagnosed some minor issues and assured us that it would be fine over the upcoming passes. Chris is a bike mechanic’s bike mechanic. Very knowledgeable and generous with his skill. We are grateful. We keep learning more about our carbon Kona Libre gravel bikes – maybe more than I want to know. Looks like we are ready to ride!

By far the highlight of the trip so far was presenting Nathan, Mark and Mohammed with a brand new Freedom Concept bike. Mark had never ridden a bike before and was beyond thrilled to do an independent lap of the hallway. Magical. Nathan had some experience riding, but nothing like this. He took off down the hallway negotiating tight corners and laughing the whole time. He described that when his class goes outside for a gym class run, he will now be able to keep up on his bike. Mohammed also pedalled away with a little help from his friends. It’s hard to describe the Joy we got from watching these guys today.

Is it fair that we got as much joy from this visit as these young men got from riding?

11 thoughts on “Progress eastward…then not.

  1. Chris Slubicki

    Wow – Great shots with Nathan, Mark and Hamo. Hats off to both of you for taking on this very worthwhile effort. Ride on!


    1. Jane Stevens

      This is fabulous Debbie and Jay. Thanks for taking the time to post this and take us all along with you on your generous adventure.


  2. Rod D Maxwell

    Deb and Jay:
    Really enjoy your blog. It’s like being a part of your trip. Well almost! Your generosity will change lives. That is very impressive! Looking forward to the next update.


  3. Marianne and Gary

    What a great start to your trip! Overcoming obstacles is a way of life for those young men and what joy to see their smiling faces on their new bikes.


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