This is tough…

12kms (to and from dinner)

Thank you for all your kind thoughts regarding our Scout, it is appreciated. Today we woke up to this view.

Met an old friend from GM today, Jeremy. We have been out of contact for 25 some years – And yet we stepped into our old banter like it was yesterday. He asked if we would perhaps like to go for a sail, we managed to fit it into our tight schedule.

Beautiful day on the water

At this blistering speed, we should make Newfoundland by my 60th (to be clear this is a LONG way away)

2 thoughts on “This is tough…

  1. Dan

    Looks like a beautiful day. So sorry to hear about Scout. He was such a kind, gentle soul. And so well loved… We are thinking of you and hope you find comfort it fond memories. Sending you wishes for safe travels too. XOXO


  2. Heather

    Looking good! I am glad you enjoying the ride and giving yourselves lots of time to enjoy life too. It could be tempting to go into “driven” goal oriented mode. Looks like your goals are right on track. XoxoxoxxoxoH


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